Blog Post: TurboSphere — machine for utilization of natural gas overpressure energy

Title of project: TurboSphere — machine for utilization of natural gas overpressure energyCluster: EnergyTechnology Tags or Keywords: TurbinesTurboexpandersNatural gasOverpressure energyTitle: TurboSphereSummary: Machine for utilization of natural gas overpressure energy at gas distribution stations and citygate stations using heat energy (heat waste) for gas heating with electricity productionTechnology Benefits : TurboSphere consists of a combination of a turbine, a heat exchanger and a generator, which helps utilize low grade energy resources for energy generation without fuel consumption, by using only used energy for its operating.Technology Applications : The TurboSphere can be used at middle and small industrial enterprises with constant consumption of natural gas, the civil sector, gas transportation system, etc.Detailed Technology Description: The TurboSphere simultaneously combines several units, such as a turbine, a heat exchanger, and a power generator. This is an innovative solution that has never been implemented before. The gas expansion process in the TurboSphere is close to isothermal, which is the most effective, and allows utilization of low grade energy sources and low rate flows for energy generation. TurboSphere has only one blade wheel, d its multistage gas-flow expansion is performed by heating gas between stages. It is possible due to the working fluid from one stage to another through the heat exchanger channels.International PCT Application number: PCT/RU2015/000588Title of PCT application: Method of converting energy of gas working fluid and installation for its implementationPCT application Date: 18.09.2015Organization/Company Name: TurboEnergyCountry: Russia